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After almost a decade of work, SLAM has finally established a recovery education & training program in a NYC public high school. Right here on Staten Island.

The very first of its kind.

But this is just the beginning. Our goal is to eventually provide this program to educators, teens, and their families in high schools all across the US.

Please Join Us To Celebrate
This Monumental Event!

Tickets Are FREE

November 12
6:30 PM

St. George Theatre
35 Hyatt Street
Staten Island, NY 10301

There will be a 1 hour screening of the groundbreaking documentary The Anonymous People followed by a lively Q & A including recovery experts, celebrities and Borough President James Oddo.

Hosted by Kristen Johnston

If you can’t attend, please consider making a donation to this groundbreaking program – SCROLL DOWN to our Donate Section below.  You can even start your own Fundraiser for us anywhere you are through Crowdrise there too.  There is a button for that as well.   Thanks!


The Story…

Recently, The John W. Lavelle Preparatory Charter School (“Lavelle Prep”)

on Staten Island, became the first school in New York City to begin ACTIVE development of a dedicated program for students in Recovery.  We have created an alliance with them to get students supported asap with SLAM’s vision.

We are thrilled and honored to have Michelle Lipinski MEd, is the Founder of the icanhelp(SM) Program and the Principal/Founder of Northshore Recovery High School (NSRHS), a high school designed to meet the diverse needs of adolescents struggling with substance use and its co-occurring disorders in Beverly, MA now on our Team!   Michelle is currently training teachers at Lavelle Prep.

Our Dream Has – BEGUN!


Our Goal At SLAM Remains…

A dedicated recovery High School. Until that happens, we are supporting individual schools like Lavelle Prep in creating Charter programs to support recovering high school students.

We have new financial goals to meet now and appreciate your support in meeting this exciting new vision.

We invite everyone if you haven’t – to check out our Crowdrise platform below.

Now you can even give back to us when you shop for the Holidays!  Choose SLAM at AmazonSmile when you shop online and we get a donation from them.  There’s a link in our Donate Section below to help you.  Every dollar matters.




The Need

“Addiction to Drugs, Alcohol & Tobacco are the most Common
Mental Health Problems in Teens.”

National Council on Addiction and Drug Dependency (NCADD)


The stats don’t lie.

The epidemic of Addiction is out of control in this country, but it’s exploding in our kids.

According to the US Government and Columbia University, 1 out of every 5 Teenagers in the US meet the medical criteria for Addiction. This means 1 out of every 5 Teens today is an addict.


If a Teen is lucky enough to be sent to rehab (1 out of 70) and they’re then sent to a regular high school, 90% of them relapse.

80% in the 1st 30 days.


If a Teen is sent to a recovery-based high school, not only is there a 90% attendance rate … but 70% of them graduate CLEAN AND SOBER.


Dillon Eaton at the SLAM Benefit in February 2013.

Dillon Eaton at the SLAM Benefit in February 2013.


“If I hadn’t gone to a recovery high school, I’d be dead.”

— Dillon Eaton, a 2009 graduate of The North Shore Recovery High School, Beverly, MA


“SLAM has to succeed.  Without it, hundreds of NYC kids will be incarcerated – or die.  
My son nearly died of his addiction, which began in high school.  I WISH I’d found a recovery focused high school like SLAM is striving for when he was a Teen.  
Instead, he went from rehab to rehab,relapse to relapse, ER to ER.  

Tragically, there’s no such school in New York City.  What SLAM is doing can help countless numbers of children grow up to productive and fulfilling lives.”

David Sheff, NY Times Best-selling Author of ‘Beautiful Boy’ & ‘Clean’

“It is essential to begin to address the disease of substance abuse as early as possible. At 20, 25 years old … it’s too late. Not for sobriety, of course. But too late to stop the terrible negative toll Addiction will take on their lives, and ours, for years to come.”

Dr. Scott Beinenfield, NYC Addiction Psychiatrist

Drug use among Teens is a national health crisis. 9 out of every 10 chemically dependent Americans started smoking, drinking or drugging before age 18.

Half of all High School students currently use addictive substances.

That’s 6.1 MILLION kids.

National Center on Addiction & Substance Abuse (CASA) at Columbia University

The Team

Who We Are

For NYC Teens – who statistically are WELL ABOVE the national average for suffering drug and alcohol abuse – the problem is especially urgent.

OASAS estimates that statewide, almost 160,000 Teens ages 12-17 have a substance abuse problem.

When adolescents engage in risky behaviors prior to the age of 21, they are FIVE times more likely to develop long-term abuse dependence.



Kristen talks with Anderson Cooper about SLAM

Published on Mar 28, 2012 SLAM (sobriety, learning and motivation) is a organization actress Kristen Johnston started five years ago, which assists New York City’s youth in recovery. Today, there are 30 flourishing in high schools across the U.S. Go to to learn more.

Kristen in The Anonymous People

See Kristen Johnston LIVE on Tuesday night at the NYC premiere of the brand new feature documentary, The Anonymous People! Get your tickets NOW: Facebook Event Link:

‘Turning Addiction into a Sideshow’ an article for The NY Times written by Kristen Johnston

Turning Addiction Into a Sideshow By KRISTEN JOHNSTON Published: July 19, 2013 “Kristen Johnston admits to being a total drug addict and alcoholic for years!” After 20 years of being a famous person, I’m happy to say I have pretty thick skin when it comes to press. However, when I saw that headline, which ran recently […]

“I don’t mind the swearing – we have bigger issues.

Their tattoos, their piercings, their rainbow hair…

don’t bother me at all.

Their scars are what’s important.

They live their lives with burdens heavier than the ones I’ve ever carried.

So my job is not about ‘vocabulary’ or ‘reading the classics’.

It’s not about diagramming sentences.

It’s about them finding the right words to let the rest of us know that …

they are here.

Among us.

Parts of us.

Gritty, courageous, outspoken, tender foul-mouthed angels …

tattooed with their mother’s names, their rosaries, their hometowns –

as if to say

‘Here, I am. Don’t forget me.’”

A poem by an English Teacher at North Shore Recovery High School, Beverly, Mass

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